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Student Workshop Exhibition Shades of Space – Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty for Art and Design


Student Workshop Exhibition Shades of Space – Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty for Art and Design

Author and coordinator: Milena Kordić

The workshop program aims to explore shapes of the international collaboration between students (and teachers) of art, architecture and design. By finding the common topics in these similar discourses, we explore the possibility of making a (transcategorial) product that has multiple meanings and can simultaneously (or in between) be an art object, spatial structure and a useful object.

In order to expand the exploration of limits between an object and the space, aside from the materials (wood, stone and metal), we will introduce, as a building block, the source of light. Thus, we aim to expand the work with form to the work with its shade. Together, the form and its shadow construct the ambience, which is used to question the relations between the material and immaterial aspects of all three discourses.

“…imaterial and material weaves together, so that they are in conjunction not opposition.” Jonathan Hill: Immaterial architecture, p. 3

The method we use to examine the common grounds of the discourses we mentioned starts with the exploration into the nature of the materials. By learning the basic properties of materials and the possibilities of working on them, we seek the ideas about the form of object through sketches and drawings. Then, through architectural drawings, we explore the structure of the form and recognize technical limitations of its construction and realization. During the phase of realizing the ambiences, we define the details of realization, constantly having in mind the possibilities of its ultimate use.

In this sense, the explored product is formulated as an ambience and can be conceived as an artistic expression, spatial logic and, in the end phase, as a ‘spatial flair’ (the practical object) The concept of a shade, can also be interpreted in several ways, as a feature of the shade of the form, but also as the shade in the material itself or a variation of the form.

In this way, through the collaboration of teachers and students, we explore the possibility of the exchange of knowledge: the knowledge about modelling the form (sculpture), about the logic of spatial structure (architecture) and about shaping of an object with practical use (design).


Milena Kordić graduated, obtained her Master (2009) and PhD (2014) degrees at the same University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture where she works as Assitant Professor. Her specific fields of interest include practical design as well as design theory (theory of architecture and interior design), focusing on the relationship between architecture and philosophy, exploring important issues that conjoin theory and practice in architecture and design. (In-Between Space, Zadužbina Andrejević, Belgrade 2012). She is also active in academic workshops and professional competitions with several rewarded competition entries. She is the author of some built objects and interiors design wich she has exhibited at several national and international architerctural exhibitions. Togehter with Marija Krsmanović Stringheta and Bruno Oliveira Stringheta, she founded S.O.B.A design (2015)

  • Faculty of Fine Arts, sculpture department, 58 Vojvode Putnika St.

  • Exhibition opening - MUSEUM NIGHT
    Saturday, 21 May 2016
    5.00 pm - 1.00 am