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Eventful Cities: Cultural Management and Urban Revitalisation, book presentation


Eventful Cities: Cultural Management and Urban Revitalisation, book presentation

Authors: Robert Palmer and Greg Richards
Publisher: Clio

The book Eventful Cities analyzes the ways in which cultural events help cities to become more dynamic places desirable to live in and shows how cities can achieve cultural, economic and social goals by developing and managing cultural events. This is not a book about managing events or operative management of the same, but about the creation of cultural contents useful in giving a city its identity.

Eventful Cities is a book on practice of cities that have become known owing to their events. Authors lead readers through the process of conception, development, setting up, management and marketing to the evaluation of an event. These analyses provide a more profound understanding of relationship between an event and host city – how events enrich cities and how cities shape events.

The book is based on experiences of authors in managing, advising and analyzing of different European capitals of culture and many other events and festivals. The major themes of the book include unique insights into important events, like the European Capitals of Culture, as well as other examples of events worldwide. They also include challenges that cities of culture are facing.
The book Eventful Cities is an unavoidable piece of reading for cultural policy-makers dealing with cultural event management; for all those included in the creation of event concept, support and organization (political leaders, city officials, sponsors, event managers, town planners), as well as for students studying cultures and tourism.

  • Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Artget Gallery, The Republic Square 5

  • Thursday, 22 May 2014
    CANCELED publication presentation