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Going Public! Public Architecture, Urbanism and Interventions


Going Public! Public Architecture, Urbanism and Interventions

Sofia Borges, editor, Gestalten, Germany

Sofia Borges received her Master’s of Architecture degree from UCLA in 2010. Founder of the design firm Affect Studio, she also acts as the architecture editor for Gestalten, contributing to more than a dozen titles including Rock the Shack and Oasis. The consulting editor for Ricardo Bofill, a contributing curator at viction:ary, and a correspondent for Mark Magazine, Sofia was named Innovator of the Week by Bulgarian National Radio. Her work, featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, CasaVogue, Dwell, Domus, Glamour, and the 2010 Venice and Beijing Biennales, includes collaborations with will.i.am and artist Nick Cave. Sofia currently works as a writer, designer, editor, and trend consultant in Berlin and Los Angeles.

About Book: Going Public showcases the creative revival of public space in our urban and rural landscapes. The book’s compelling selection of formal and informal interventions, reclamations, and architecture illustrates the current scope and interest in refashioning and repurposing our built environment for public use. The objectives of the featured examples are as diverse as the projects themselves and range from inspiring communication and community experience to devising new means of gathering in and connecting to nature.

Ranging from bold to subtle and from temporary to permanent, the architecture and urban design featured in Going Public offers inspiring and surprising interpretations of our public surroundings and natural landscapes.


  • Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Podroom Gallery , The Republic Square 5

  • Friday, 9 May 2014
    exhibition guidance and project presentation
    7.00 – 9.00 pm