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A Model for Savamala, project presentation


A Model for Savamala, project presentation

Authors: Maja Popovic Vracar and Boba Stanic
Co-authors: Dasa Spasojevic, Ana Ugrinic, Milos Kasul Nikolic and Predrag Milic

Savamala is a neglected city-quarter undergoing the process of daily transformation, without clearly defined future and plan to be implemented in practice. Precisely out of this reason, it has become an ideal platform for different kinds of interest groups and alternative approaches to planning and development.

In the context of future planning of Savamala, we believe that it is of key importance to make it as transparent as possible. We believe that a comprehensive overview of the situation will be a great advantage for the development of this area, as well as that future planning must be based on as clear idea as possible about what Savamala area is, what it contains, who are its residents, what are its activities and interests, as well as what are ambitions to which different actors strive for.

Out of these reasons, the Model for Savamala project does not offer a solution, but is aimed at making this area transparent and presenting information about historical, sociological, economic and political facts through a physical 3D model. The model is a portrait of the Savamala area, showing the current state of historical buildings and the area, potential problem areas, as well as future development. Decomposed into several layers, it presents the existing urban morphology and typology, indicates ownership structure of properties and intensity of economic activities, and shows who are residents of Savalama and what their aspirations are. Most of these data are already available, but they have never been placed next to one another and compared.

The research was based on gathering of in-situ data and data of relevant institution (the Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade, Historical Archives of Belgrade, Institute of Urbanism Belgrade, Savski venac City Municipality, National Library of Serbia, Real estate Cadastre, etc.). The field work included measurements of front facades, pedestrian pavements and roads, traffic intensity, inner courtyards, position of entrances and stairways, public open spaces, functions and programs within physical structure, as well as gathering of textual, audio and graphic information from residents and other users of space.

In order to convey the complexity of such urban phenomena in the best way, we have created a methodology for gathering and presentation of information. The Model for Savamala is a product of this methodology. The project actually starts with the realization of the model. Its aim is to stimulate debate, focus the public’s attention on it and gather the residents, visitors, architects, planners, politicians and investors around it to debate the future development of Savamala on the basis of clearly presented data.

  • Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Pop Up space, The Republic Square 5

  • Friday, 30 May 2014
    project presentation
    5.30 - 5.45 pm