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Small Urbanism


Small Urbanism

Hans Nevidal and Jan Tabor, Austria

The talk will compare the situation in Austria with the one in Serbia. The new urban area New Belgrade designed in line with a functionalist master plan from the 1950s only gained its qualities as a living space through the many informal and sometimes illegal additions. In Austria, on the other hand, it is quite remarkable, that useful and aesthetically valuable buildings are still being constructed despite the over-regulation of construction. My response is that we need to have zones without regulations. However, the issues here is where will the areas be located and also their dimension (somewhere between architectural detail and global zones).
The use of ephemeral materials in temporary dwellings produces an aesthetic of transience. In line with this topology of the volatile, I have chosen as title of my lecture Small Urbanism. At the end, I will explain my point of view in an argument with architecture theorist Jan Tabor.

  • Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Podroom space, The Republic Square 5

  • Thursday, 29 May 2014
    6.00 – 8.00 pm