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Urban Public Spaces: Problems, Models, Prospectives, debate


Urban Public Spaces: Problems, Models, Prospectives, debate

Participants: Zoran Djukanovic, Vanja Panic, Milena Vukmirovic, Nada Jadzic and Vesna Gvozdenov
Moderator: Vladana Putnik (Do.co.mo.mo Serbia)

Public spaces are main elements of urban system of each city. Their primary function is to enable and accelerate communication between citizens. Squares, parks, and promenades are of great importance because they determine the character and spirit of a city. These urban spaces are a precious part of a metropolis, so it is necessary to very carefully consider the strategy for their formation, design, preservation and revitalization.

The protection of authentic values and integrity of the old city core of Belgrade requires a specific approach in contemporary planning within historical ambiences, urban entities and public spaces. The reconstruction of public spaces of the city in accordance with contemporary principles and perceptions are also one of the themes that require a more detailed discussion.

The aim of the panel discussion organized by Do.co.mo.mo Serbia within the BINA 2014 is to consider the issue of designing public spaces in the city of Belgrade, starting from the recent history of urban development of the city and its modernization in the early 20th century, to the consideration of contemporary views, perceptions and suggestions for interventions within them. The participants in the panel discussion will be: Zoran Djukanovic, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade and one of the creators of the project PaPs (Public Art & Public Space), Vanja Panic, PhD, from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Milena Vukmirovic, PhD, from Urban Laboratory and researcher in the project Modernization of the Western Balkans, as well as Nada Jadzić and Vesna Gvozdenov, landscape architects and authors of the project Urban Pockets of Belgrade.

Zoran Djukanovic will speak about contemporary design and revival of public spaces of the city, as well as about the role of citizens and artists in creating cultural activities and bringing new artistic contents in public spaces of the city.
Vanja Panić, PhD, will speak about historical aspects of treating public spaces of Belgrade with a special view of the period between the two world wars.
Milena Vukmirović, PhD, will speak about models and guidelines for the formation of network of pedestrian spaces in the central city cores of European cities.
Nada Jadžić and Vesna Gvozdenov will speak about the concept of the project Urban Pockets of Belgrade, as well as about useful and rich experience related to advantages and disadvantages in working with city institutions and local communities, administrative and property services, as well as citizens of Belgrade.

  • Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Hall 200, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra St. 73/II

  • Wednesday, 14 May 2014
    6.00 – 8.00 pm