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BELGRADE.Scapes:LAB / BiG Projects, publication presentation


BELGRADE.Scapes:LAB / BiG Projects, publication presentation

Publisher: Centar arhitekture and Incentive Dialogue Network

BELGRADE.SCAPES:LAB / BiG PROJECTS (BGSL) is a part of SCAPES:LAB initiative for a broader investigation of resources and strengthening of research capacities at the Balkans region in the field of architecture and urban planning. The iniative was launched by the Center of Architecture and IDnet from Novi Sad. SCAPES:LAB networks with and engages academics, authors, independent researchers, students and young professionals from the field of architecture and urbanism and related disciplines. The content is thematically framed with the tendency of continuous growth and proper exchange.
BGSL acts as a collaborative research platform aimed at critically addressing topical, but imprecisely and vaguely presented models for the transformation of BiG (large) city-territories in Belgrade.
How big projects affect the city and who (should) present them? What are their consequences, and who (should) take care of them? What are the possible alternatives? What is a really big project? How to reconcile the plans with the reality of the transition society which is only waiting for and looking into the promising political-economic constructs?
How to develop the awareness of big needs instead of developing big projects?
By reading and contextualizing a series of urgent issues though a comparative analysis and guest lectures and polemical insights at the workshop, a new space will be created for the emancipation of both the big themes and the students of architecture and related disciplines and young professionals. The demystification of contents in planning the city of Belgrade through a relevant argumentation will be made possible through the presentation of innovative methodologies at the workshop moderated by experts from Belgrade, New York, Basel, Novi Sad, Zurich, and Paris.
The great response of participants in a very short deadline confirmed the need to hold such workshop.
We will continue.
Thank you all.

Within the BINA porgramme, the results will be presented by the participants themselves, while the discussion on insights will, hopefully, be continued at other places too.

  • Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Artget Gallery, The Republic Square 5

  • Thursday, 22 May 2014
    CANCELED project presentation