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Activation of the Fontana Community Center


Activation of the Fontana Community Center

Organizers: 360° Belgrade, CEUS, Initiative for Architecture and Kulturforum

The urban and architectural framework which New Belgrade offered as a functionalist city in the spirit of modernist planning was suitable for a full spatial expression of the concept of local community, envisaged within a wider concept of housing and settlement in a self-management socialist society. In this connection, certain number of specialized buildings and complexes were built with a purpose to have the function of a local community centre. During the BINA 2014, the Demonstrative Activation Program envisages to bring some of the spaces within the Fontana local community to the purpose intended for the needs of the BINA 2014 programme, as well as to present and revalorize the theme of the local community centre as a specific form of public space.

Fontana Local Community Centre, exhibition and walk
Authors: Marija Martinovic and Miodrag Ninic

Specificities of the socio-political system of Yugoslavia had great influence on the then housing policies and concept of the local community with specific buildings and ambiences. The exhibition and the walk guided by professionals will get the visitors acquainted with the idea and the realization of the local community as an entity, and particularly with the local community centre as its backbone.

Good Morning Neighbour! Action: Ask the Architect
Coordinator: Mladen Pesic

Faced with impossibility of paying services of an architect, citizens often plan, design and execute construction works in their living space by themselves. Unprofessional and inadequate problem solving has a lasting negative consequence for later use of space. The objective of the Ask the Architect action is to help local communities in solving the problems in their private or common space through free advices and concrete proposals.

Visitors and local residents from immediate surrounding blocks are invited to express their needs related to their living space and to fulfil them together with professionals. It would be good to bring with you some photos, layouts or drawings of the space which is the subject of consideration. Based on presented problems, a team of architects will provide advices, ideas and concrete solutions which could enable home improvement through small interventions which need not to be expensive. Residents will be given advices on how to organize their living space in the most optimal and cost-effective way, through an analysis of functional units, their orientation and intervals of their use.

In a time when the role of architects is devalued in Serbia and when the profession is reduced to service activities, this projects is striving to bring architectural practice and architects, as professionals, closer to the public. The objective of the project is to demystify architectural profession and provide “one-on-one” contact between architects and citizens, though a joint work on architectural (interior) problems that bother beneficiaries of residential buildings.

  • Fontana Community Centre, Pariske komune St. 13, New Belgrade

  • Saturday, 24 May 2014
    Activation of the Fontana Community Center
    10.00 am – 2.30 pm